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Pomona Family Practice 
Everything that has a beginning has an end--

After serving the Rockland County community and providing care to my patients for the past 30 years, I will be retiring from the practice of medicine effective September 1, 2015. It has been a pleasure caring for you and your family.

Crystal Run Healthcare has been offering the highest level of care for patients in our region since 1996 and their approach to practicing medicine and providing care in a convenient, patient-focused environment very much aligns with how I have cared for patients in my practice. That is why I endorse Crystal Run Healthcare as the practice of choice for my patients after my retirement and will be leaving my medical records with them as a signal of my trust in the practice.

For a list of Primary Care Providers in Rockland County, please visit or call 845-615-6813. Crystal Run accepts most insurances but if you’d like more information or to check if your insurance is accepted, please visit or call 845-615-6813.

I wish each and every one of you good health, and want to express my sincere gratitude for the privilege of caring for you. I am truly apologetic that I cannot continue as your physician but know that I am leaving you in great hands with Crystal Run Healthcare. Many of you have been with me for several decades and I will truly miss you,  but I am certain you will find the quality health care you need with your new Crystal Run Primary Care clinician.




Lawrence M. Model, MD

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